Visiting scholar in University of Queensland, Australia with the project funded by AUSAID relating to the program of advanced teaching in Veterinary medicine in Vietnam (2/2013-5/2013)


Working in a research project relating to bacteria causing mastitis in cow at Milk quality laboratory in VMTRC (Veterinary medicine teaching and research center) of University of California , Davis (from 7/2004-9/2004)

Working as an assistant lecturer on “Meat hygiene and public health” at Nong Lam University , Vietnam from 1999 – 2003

Involving in many projects as a researcher, especially “Area-wide integrate crops and livestock in the south of Vietnam ,” a project funded by FAO from 2001-2003

Working as an meat inspector at Vissan slaughter house from 9/1999 to 11/1999


Working as a veterinarian at Dong Hiep pig farms from 3/1999 to 7/1999